RAPCA Air Monitoring Stations
  Serving Clark, Darke, Greene, Miami, Montgomery and Preble Counties
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Monitoring Locations

The Regional Air Pollution Control Agency is committed to operating a quality-assured monitoring network that generates accurate measurements of ambient air quality in its jurisdiction. These monitoring data are used to measure progress toward attainment of EPA’s National Ambient Air Quality Standards (NAAQS), assess source contributions to air pollution, and assist in the protection of public health.

RAPCA operates and maintains 30 ambient air quality monitors at 11 sites ,distributed over five counties in RAPCA’s six-county jurisdiction.

Monitoring sites are selected based on a number of factors including computer modeling of atmospheric chemistry and air dispersion, access to power, security, and public interest.


Site Pollutant(s) Location County
8 PM10 Moraine - Fire Station Montgomery
10 CO Dayton - Fair River Oaks Council (Closed July 1, 2011) Montgomery
46 PM2.5 Dayton - Dayton Public Library - Closed September 2014 Montgomery
47 Ozone Dayton - Claridge (*Closed after 2007 ozone season) Montgomery
48 CO Dayton - Reibold Building Montgomery
49 Ozone Dayton - Eastwood MetroPark Montgomery
50 PM2.5 Dayton - Sinclair Community College Montgomery
611 Ozone | SO2 Enon - Spangler Road Clark
615 Ozone | PM2.5 New Paris - National Trail High School | NCORE Site Preble
616 Ozone Springfield - Urbana Road Clark
619 Ozone Casstown - Miami East High School Miami
621 PM2.5 Springfield - Fire Station Clark
6x Ozone Xenia - Government Center Greene

Monitor Descriptions

For more information about RAPCA's air quality monitoring program, please see our Annual Ambient Air Monitoring Network Review.

* The Claridge monitoring station is included on this list because the data from 2005-2007 was used in the designation of the 2008 8-hr ozone National Ambient Air Quality Standard. The station was replaced by Site 49 at the beginning of the 2008 ozone season.



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